Good morning, When listing Prime Ministers who did not invoke the Emergencies Act, you neglected to mention that the Act was not invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in February, 2020 when Indigenous protesters blockaded Canada's railway tracks for weeks, and also blocked various ports across the country. How quickly we forget. What is also interesting is that Marc Millar was sent to negotiate with the Indigenous protesters, while the Freedom Convoy protesters were completely ignored.

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You said: "…calling on Senators and the Governor General to collaborate with the convoy protesters in setting up a provisional junta to replace the Trudeau government. This is an actual thing that happened."

Citation please??

I found the text here: https://www.netnewsledger.com/2022/02/05/the-canada-unity-memorandum-of-understanding/. Please point precisely to where the MOU says such things??

First, let me say, I think writing the MOU was a dumb thing to do. I think it was motivated more by desperation than malice. But what I see in that document is:

- A request to the Governor General, the Senate, and the MPs to form a COMMITTEE called "Citizens of Canada" and appoint members to it.

- Then those entities indicate specific dates for the desistence of each of the mandates. ("immediately" is the request, but note that sections e, f, g, and h have unique dates).

On a related note: do you think it's possible the laymen who wrote this MOU document were inspired, perchance, by the events in Smithers, BC, on February 27, 2020 wherein a COMMITTEE was struck to negotiate the desistence of Rail Blockades?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Canadian_pipeline_and_railway_protests#Meetings_and_memorandum_of_understanding

Get past the faulty legalise and notice the document is essentially a request to get relevant people in a room to describe a plan - a timeline - for ending the mandates.

And remember: ALL opposition parties were, contemporaneously, calling on the Liberal Party to announce a plan - a timeline - to repeal all the mandates.

Paul, I sense you've gotten used to spinning this issue like a top. But you can now choose truth.

Please choose truth.

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1) stopping traffic across the border is illegal and should have been treated as a crime immediately. Police / politicians do not let a break and enter go uncontested because it might be done by a violent Biker gang or terrorist gang and could result in more crime. Why was this allowed to go on more than an hour?

2) Never have there been funds frozen for donations to what might be considered a political movement. The BQ/PQ presented more of a challenge to Canada than the Truckers protest. No one would have considered freezing bank accounts of those people giving them political donations.

3) There needs to be an explanation as why the government officials did not at least make an token meeting and discussion of the protest and explain the government position. It certainly looks like the government was pushing for an escalation and was hoping for violence to discredit the opinion.

4) The Truckers were proven correct that the government bungled the mandates and lock downs. Florida did not have these and did as well or better than Canada. ie At the very least the Trucker protest had a valid opinion that was being suppressed to the point that they were forced to protest.

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Yesterday Mendicino still came out with the fake news about the fire started in an apartment building. How insulting to people who know better. This inquiry is a 3 ring circus the same we have been living in since 2015.

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I tend to like elephants and can certainly see one in a room because of its size . How about the fact that the world is in lockstep with the WEF - old idea not conspiracy- and has been ushered in very much so in Canada via the pandemic . Klaus Schweb has bragged about young trudeau being a great student and that he has been able to infiltrate our government . Freeland is on the board of the WEF and from my understanding and considered readings , Singe is also a grad from the WEF mission . Our constitution as Canadians is being eroded as is reported by Brian Peckford who is in the process of suing this current government . I'm pretty sure I didn't vote for Klaus and his ideologies and mission statements . No matter what any one in our current government does to look at the Emergency Act - it is too late , they will all say the same thing : nothing to be found here and that it was necessary . Too bad there weren't more contrarians here in Canada because we are losing what we were known for with the ushering in of the 4th revolution for the benefit of the global elites ... in my opinion.

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Appreciate the explainer here: ‘three ring circus’ indeed.

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Thanks Paul, but you're gonna have to be sharper than this to hack Substack. You no longer have to worry about an editor or paid ads. Be blunt and tell us what is really happening in the circus rings, if you know. Call out the corruption, spin and liars. Name them. Be clear.

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You're right. The entire City Council was incompetent. The Chief was just doing what he was hired to do - hug bunnies rather than police.

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Every City Transit has large tow trucks they could have used. I understand the reluctance to use military vehicles.

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The Ontario Highway Traffic Act states clearly that the police can "compel" towing companies to tow vehicles.

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