Finally decided to listen in, and, yeah, an expected disappointment. Paul nailed it with "you're just a venture capital firm", investing in other companies.

Nothing about using their drilling technology to pull out just hydrogen, as with the proposal from Proton Technologies of Calgary; nothing about using their drilling expertise to go after deep geothermal heat, and make it pay.

They're just stretching out the transition all they can, like Microsoft "supporting" competing technologies to "embrace and extend" (in directions that keep you on Microsoft). And, yes, they'll invest in some green companies, but she mentioned no Shell Research Lab trying to build better turbines or batteries or fuel cells.

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If somebody could listen and comment, I'll listen to this one if she talks about getting out of fossil fuels and becoming a renewables-based "energy company". If it's just about how to extract fossil fuels without using their own product to extract them with, I'll pass. Hard pass if they talk about everybody using fossil fuels indefinitely, and somehow compensating with carbon-capture or tree-planting.

We aren't solving this without halting use of the basic carbon products, and switching to new energy sources. Anybody not facing that fact is just delaying the inevitable.

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Who pays for Christine McKenna to chair a UN Committee?

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Thank you for the interview, but I couldn’t finish it.

What a terrible position to be in - an apologist for fossil fuels, in the 2020s.

“But Grandma, you knew when you were the leader that your company existed only to pull stuff out of the ground and burn it… “

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