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I read parts of this out loud to my wife, who knows the inside of government better than anyone. This is a great piece of journalism. Substack has given you the space and the freedom to really shine as a writer and analyst.

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Oct 25, 2022·edited Oct 25, 2022

The biggest problem was that the authorities had no openly announced, widely agreed, strategic goal. You can't have good internal communications when people have no idea what they are trying to accomplish.

Was the goal to let the truckers protest in front of Parliament, for an extended period if they wanted to, could afford it, and had the support, while managing impacts on local residents?

Was it to shut down and clear all protests after a minimal proforma opportunity to "have their say"?

Or was it to smash them, punish those who had the temerity to speak out, and ensure that nothing like this ever happened again?

The fact that support for the truckers was growing rapidly (as more people came to Ottawa and donated) raised the stakes and created panic among authorities.

It's not up to police to decide the goal - that's for politicians. Who hid.

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The use of external consultants for "strategic analysis" (aka PR) and "market research" seems to me a pretty basic admission by Sloly that he had no idea on what to do, and was more concerned with managing the optics than sorting out the mess in the city.

Agreed that this all seems to be beside the point, but it is great insight in the state of our police forces.

Based on this, maybe Trudeau could claim that he had no choice but to act as did, given that he was dealing with such a clown show from the police!

I can't imagine what Ford will say, so I share tour impatience to get him on the stand.

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Wells: Thanks again for the common sense analysis, something so often missing in contemporary Canadian public affairs.

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As in so much reporting today, the main issue is missing. What’s that? The fact that Trudeau did not meet with the truckers or their representatives. Full stop. Had he have “lowered” himself to meet the citizens he “rules” this would have been over on the weekend. That’s the wild card. That’s where the confusion began. Why would the convoy return home after travelling thousands of miles in the middle of winter in freezing weather without acknowledgement by the king? After all, he did make himself available for BLM in a pandemic, didn’t he? He also called Canadians, highlighting RCMP, racists coast to coast to coast at the same time. Remember?

The above statement is the main statement in all of this. Full stop.

The truckers have done a bigger service to Canadians than any other in the history of Canada.

Nothing has highlighted complete dysfunction and corruption in government and their media allies as these truckers have. And that was shown world wide.

Trudeau still remains in the sidelines of blame by media. While he is the only one to blame.

You elected him. We all suffer the consequences.

The truckers did not ask to meet with Ford. Full stop. Ford is not responsible for illegal mandates, which will be proven in court to be So.

At what point is it acknowledged that Trudeau and Singh are the real threat to Canada? The rest are simply pawns to throw under the bus when it suits them.

If this were a conservative government they would be strung up by media day and night, that’s the bottom line. A $16 glass of orange juice comes to mind.

This fiasco has cost Canadian taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars, where is the outrage?

No media reported that Pfizer disclosed last week to the European Parliament that the vaccine was never tested for transmission. Full stop. Media world wide carried that story. Not in Canada though.

So, who should take the blame in Canada? The arm of government, the media that’s who. Period. And still, they have not seen the real damage done to Canada. The destructive path continues.

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As I recall, the blockade of the Peace Bridge began to evaporate after the removal of a few trucks. It was also reported that these first towing actions were actually performed by US companies. If this is true, it has significance in establishing whether the Federal and Ontario governments could have used existing tools to break the logjam. Can someone here shed any light on this?

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reminds me of an old comedy "The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming!"-just not the real Russians-thank God or we would be in trouble with our oh so comical way of dealing with conflict.

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I guess like they say "You had to be there'. The long list of police officers of all breeds being questioned is becoming redundant. Nobody saw the same show. Depending on outsiders who give opinions for money will always give you an assortment of interpretation of the situation. This happened in Ottawa but this was a countrywide situation that needed One leader that would have said. OK Boys let's talk. Unfortunately we did not have this kind of intellectual conscience that would have understood that The Buck Stops Here and dive in. Too many cooks spoil the sauce.

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Belief in consultants needs to be stamped out like belief in astrology or witches.

It's worst with IT - where we routinely see the worst government waste. Managers all don't believe their own staff know their own business, nor are smart enough to learn how computers work. Mostly, I suspect that a modern manager rarely understands how his own business works, having been rotated in recently from another management job of a completely different business function.

Whether "everything had been tried" is not so much the criterion I would use, is "have we given the cops enough time?" Yes, I think, they'd had a week or so more than they needed. Whether the OPS and/or OPP could have pulled themselves together in another month is not relevant to me.

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What we see here is a road map for future disruptions by the ignorant and misguided in this country. We have seen a devolution of civic responsibility and discourse south of the border. It may well be that after the US midterms the Americans will find themselves further down the road to authoritarianism which will embolden those with similar desires here in Canada. I find it interesting how quickly a cadre of right wing malcontents could organize the convoy which wasn't really manned by truckers but was a brilliant misnomer. Also did anyone notice or was there a media report concerning one Ontario company that positioned at least a half dozen of its white semis at the very front of the line in Ottawa and rapidly removed them just as the reluctant tow vehicles arrived to tow the blockers from the streets? With all the jurisdictional infighting, I applaud Trudeau for invoking the act. We had better be prepared for more civil disobedience in the future. Perhaps our authorities at all levels will take note. Will they have the guts to act quickly or will they be leery to do so in the wake of this enquiry?

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Ford is the ONLY individual who is ultimately responsible for both cities and policing in Ontario. He is the obvious one to be called up and put under oath in this matter. The very fact that this cost the country approx. $3B in lost trade is reason alone to pursue this.

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I am in the 'conservative universe' and I utterly disagree with Ford's endorsement of the Emergencies Act ]and of course endorsing our main opponent, Trudeau]. Unusually, I would cite the very unlucky Lucki's take that not everything had been tried. A high school friend used to say of my father's car [with which I terrorized the neighbourhood] by say, "If you can afford a Ford, you can afford better". Maybe that applies here...

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"Have you summoned a Ford lately?" A Ford Bronco, perhaps, that the premier and his consigliere have chosen to make their getaway in, now that accountability has come knocking on the door at Queen's Park. If not that, then a snowmobile. But while the search for the missing man from Muskoka continues, perhaps the more pertinent question to be asked is why the other conservative riot-inciters are not being put in the hot seat? Candice Bergen, she of "make it the PM's problem" infamy? ("But her emails!") How about Brad Wall and his no-good son? That story seems to have vanished into the ether. Why isn't he being questioned? And most notoriously, what about Pierre Poilievre and his sidekick Andrew Scheer, who missed a golden opportunity to occupy Ottawa in a million-dollar minivan and bring the insurrectionists chocolate milk along with their Timbits?

Poor Michael Wernick continues to be vindicated over and over again, despite the shameless Canadian media class having hounded him out on a rail rather than admit they had become obsessed with the wrong "scandal." If the esteemed fourth estate, including this columnist (the "Truth and Justice"/ "Spite and Malice" cover story being perhaps a more infamous failure than "The Resistance"), had paid more attention to the predecessor of this shambolic display -- United We Roll, in 2019, which featured nearly all of the same nefarious players, along with Rebel Media cam girl Faith Goldy as the opening act -- perhaps there wouldn't have been a "Freedom Convoy" at all.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant, so the saying goes, but far too many in Canada's press seem to have their head in a fog. There is a hashtag circulating around social media that the very insular class of Canadian journalists abhor, but it exists for a reason. Mr. Wernick is owed a class-action apology, and Pierre Poilievre is the one who should be chased out onto the unemployment line.

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The EA was all about money - it's not like it gives the cops permission to shoot people or anything, we're arguing about *bank accounts*, your ultimate #whitepersonproblem, since previous generations of protesters (Occupy, civil rights) didn't have money to start with.

Did they ever find all the money that was donated? If not, how much is missing? And is RCMP white-collar crime on the problem? With how many officers?

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Ford really must have something to hide to go all out in stopping his call to testify. I can't imagine what that could be, but my thinking that he was doing a pretty good job as Premier has just taken a hit.

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I suggest you pay special attention to the witness coming up Tom Morasso. Herein lay the truth. You be the judge.


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